The Good Life Alphabet

Achieve calm
Believe You Are Beautiful
Create art with your hands and with your words
Dare to do something you fear and you will be rewarded with confidence
Embrace Change
Find joy in simple things like sunsets, flowers, and laughter
Grant wishes and dreams
Happiness is a choice – choose to be happy
Ignore hurtful remarks
Join others in making a difference
Keep moving forward or occasionally sideways, but never back
Listen for the music that accompanies your life and learn to dance to it
Make someone’s day
Notice the stars above and know that you are tiny in the universe
Open your eyes to wonder
Plant something beautiful – a tree, a flower, an idea
Quiet time with yourself is sacred and you must make time if you can’t find it
Run barefoot in the house
Smile, take a deep breathe, and then another
Trust your instints, your abilities, and yourself
Understand the world around you
Value people not things
Write haiku or other poetry or prose – just write
Xenophobia is to be avoided – differences should be celebrated
Yodel, sing, hum, whistle, or speak in melodious tones
Zany antics and hijinks are fun – experience them regularly

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Aidee Ladnier

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