FUN FACT: Phoenician is not what the Phoenicians called themselves

The word Phoenician is a Greek word that refers to them as the  “traders in purple and red dyes”.

This reminds me of the Anasazi.  The word Anasazi means “ancient enemy” in Navajo.  So really, we don’t know what these people called themselves either.

As a writer, names have so much power and it’s frightening to think of an entire people without a name.

The ancient Egyptians believed that your name was part of your soul and that your soul would survive as long as your name was spoken.  If your name was lost and never spoken, it was as if you died again after your physical death.

The Puritans also knew the power of names.  They named their children with personality traits they wanted them to have like Faith, Hope, Charity, Obediance, Abstinance, Constance, Rejoice, and even Silence.

Names are powerful.  Give someone a name and you have power over them–you can determine their path.  Take someone’s name away and you’ve stripped them of the most basic identifier with which they relate to the world.

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Aidee Ladnier

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