Special Guest Kris Jacen Invites you to Learn With Me

I am so pleased to have my friend (and amazing editor) Kris Jacen visiting my blog today. She has a new book out, LEARN WITH ME, that pushes all my romance buttons – military heroes, teachers, and cute kids! I hope you’ll check it out.


Learn With Me

Author: Kris Jacen
Pages: 145
Editing: Gail Martin
Cover Art: Jared Rackler
Publisher: MLR Press
ISBN: 978-1641221474
ASIN: B07D8J548N
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Josiah “Siah” Kent has always loved learning; now he’s living his dream of teaching children to love it too. After getting his degrees in New Orleans, he accepted a teaching position outside of Washington DC. What a better place to be able to teach and continue learning?

Sergeant Carter May joined the Army right out of high school. He’s always struggled to succeed in school but has found a place in the military but has dreamed of getting a college degree—he’d be the first in his family if he did. Being stationed with the Presidential Firing Battery at Arlington National Cemetery will give him the opportunity to take the chance, but will he risk failing?

A chance meeting years ago in New Orleans, had sparks flying between Siah and Carter. Another chance encounter between the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, blow those sparks into a full flame. Can Siah and Carter find some common ground to learn more about each other and a possible future together?


Siah had never felt so comfortable with a big group as fast as he did at the cookout. Debbie had grabbed him as soon as they got there and introduced him to the rest of the heptad’s partners. He really liked listening to all their different stories and watching how they handled not only all the little ones but the husbands. There was no gender divide here. Siah thought if one of the guys tried that they’d have their balls handed to him by the ladies.

“Siah, take this,” one of the wives said as she shoved a platter at him. “Jeanine. Take it out to the grill please.”

“How did—”

“I know you were trying to remember my name? You had a look on your face of concentration, since there isn’t much going on right now and you’re just meeting us all…” Jeanine trailed off.

“Gotcha. Out to the grill.” Siah turned and pushed open the sliding door with his foot. He carried the platter over to the grill and handed it over to guy manning the grill. “Uh, Jeanine told me to bring this out here.”

“Good. Grill’s just about ready.” The guy took the platter and started putting the meat on the hot grill.

“Daddy! Daddy!” a little girl was running toward them.

“Shit. Grab her please.”

Siah crouched down and intercepted the little girl, saying, “Whoa there, little lady. Your daddy’s working with hot stuff. What’s your name?”

“Maddy,” she said and promptly put her thumb in her mouth. Siah looked up at her dad and saw him shaking his head.

“I’m Siah. It’s nice to meet you.” Siah put his hand out, waiting to see what the little girl would do. She pulled her thumb out and shook his hand then moved into him, putting her head on his shoulder. Siah stayed there for a minute before standing. “Is this okay…?” He was going to learn these names if it killed him.

“Brian. And if Maddy is cuddling into you, she’s decided you’re good so it’s fine. She doesn’t warm up to people quickly. It’s been a challenge at day care.” Brian checked the meat on the grill before running a hand down his daughter’s pony tail. “What’s wrong, snugglebug?”

“Uncle ‘ook chased me. He gonna getted me.” And in went the thumb again.

“Bad Uncle. You want Daddy to get him?” Maddy’s head went up and down against Siah’s chest. Someone seemed tired to Siah. He began to shift slightly side to side which made Brian smile at him. “Okay, I’ll get him for you.”

“You want to take her?” Siah asked.

“Nope, I’m on grill duty. She’s claimed you, so you’ve got her. We all take turns with the under ten set if you haven’t noticed.” Brian reached for the spatula and started flipping and turning meat and hot dogs.

Siah looked over to the backyard and saw the guys chasing the kids around with two dogs herding the little ones. Cal and Cam seemed to be “saving” a little girl from their uncles while a toddler was trying to climb on one of the dogs.

The sense of belonging and family squeezed at Siah’s heart. He searched the backyard until he found Carter. When Carter looked over, almost like he felt Siah’s gaze, he smiled. Yeah, he could see forming their own little group in the future. Maybe that smack down all those years ago was worth it all.

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About the Author

Kris Jacen grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts, met her soldier in high school but didn’t married him until almost ten years later. She moved around with him and their daughters (born in two different states thanks to the Army) for the first 19 years of their marriage (they’ll celebrate their silver anniversary in 2018) before settling in western New York.

She has been the Editor in Chief and Formatting Director for ManLoveRomance Press and its imprints since January of 2008 and has never looked back. Working with the amazing authors at MLR has allowed her to both hone her editorial skills and indulge her inner fangirl. She also acts as editor, mentor and sounding-board for newcomers which lets her “pay-it-forward” and help authors realize their dreams.

You can find out more about Kris on her website www.krisjacen.com.

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