An Endless Source Of Amusement

I freely admit to anyone that asks, Tumblr is my favorite social media site. Oh, I enjoy tweeting on Twitter and keeping up with my family on Facebook. I’m surprised by the branding opportunities on Google+ and adore the shared reading community on Goodreads. Pinterest is where I pin my hopes and dreams. But Tumblr, that site has my soul.

It’s filled with writers, artists, thinkers, and geeks like me. When the people on Tumblr heard the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” they recognized that as a call to action. I repost my blogs on Tumblr, celebrate my fandoms, ogle beautiful photos and art, commiserate with colleagues.

I’m also an avid follower. Anyone who likes or reblogs something of mine, I follow. I do this for one main reason. I love the diversity of thought that flows across my homepage from the hundreds of people I follow. Some will always be gifs from the television show Supernatural.

Others will be historical articles about the newest archeological finds. A fair number are original art created just to post to the site. Some are admittedly nude pictures–I don’t think you can escape that if you’re on Tumblr long enough. But there are also current news events discussed and dissected. Movies are reviewed and scrutinized for the tiniest minutia of facts. Did you know that one of the grandfatherly dancers in the Disney movie Enchanted was also a chimney sweep dancer in the original Disney movie Mary Poppins? I learned that on Tumblr!

I’m also continually surprised by what catches the imagination of other users on Tumblr. I posted a picture of a man playing a tuba with fire coming out of the horn which reminded me of a scene in one of my stories, The Moonlight Market. Something about the musician so diligently blowing fire from his instrument sparked with other people and it gathered 500 reposts in just a few weeks.

I think what I like best is that the writing world is thriving on Tumblr despite it’s photo-centric nature. Poetry and fiction are posted regularly. And there’s a whole feed devoted to posting pictures of your favorite actors telling you that you should be writing. That’s creative inspiration right there.

And there are writing tips as well. And motivational posters. I found one that I reblogged today that uses a geeky flowchart to convince you to keep writing.

Of course the only drawback is that you can spend hours and hours on Tumblr. It’s a time waster just like the rest of the internet. But in small doses, it can be glorious.

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See you online!

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