Wolf Around The Corner Has No Alphas, Only Awkwardness

Wolf Around The Corner
Wolf Around The Corner

Or at least that’s how I see it. When I set out to write a werewolf story, I was well-aware of the tropes that go with the shifter subgenre:

  1. There is always an Alpha Male who is both irresistible and autocratic
  2. When the werewolf meets his mate he will be drawn to them inexplicably and be unable to control himself until he “obtains” his mate in the bedroom
  3. There is only one mate per werewolf and they are fated to be together forever

But I’ve never played by the rules. 

First off, I don’t like Alphas. They irritate me and their wolf-like nature feels like an excuse for their bad behavior. I like reasonable people that are willing to discuss matters, take adult responsibility for their actions, and don’t order people around needlessly. If you want to keep with the Greek lettering system, you might say I like Betas. They’re the stolid, dependable ones that are loyal, trustworthy, and brave without being assholes about it.

And I also have a problem with the whole “there’s only one person you can fall in love with” convention. I know it’s romantic and all, but…if I can’t have a fated mate, nobody else can either. Besides, most people are a little self-conscious and awkward around people they are attracted to or don’t know yet. Why should my characters be spared that?

So here’s my werewolf. He may look all confident and sexy on the cover of my book but inside he’s a mass of wobbly gelatin and insecurity. I hope you’ll give him and his rather more confident-appearing lover (a secretly unsuccessful Broadway actor) a look in my new novel, WOLF AROUND THE CORNER.




Frank’s family taught him that his wolf was dangerous, unwanted. Now his best friend’s brother wants him in bed and on stage. But giving into his wolf’s need for love could risk the quiet life Frank has created for himself—and his heart.

Settled in the small town of Waycroft Falls, Frank is content to be a lone wolf among the white picket fences and dollar book bins until he finds himself sniffing his best friend’s brother. Tom smells like hot apple pie and his Broadway smile has Frank lolling his tongue. But when the visiting actor learns Frank’s secret and plies him with hot kisses to get him to star in his play, Frank can’t help but wonder if Tom is only acting.

Tom ran away from family obligations to be a Broadway star. If he could make it there, he could make it anywhere…but he didn’t. Trudging home to Waycroft Falls to open his sister’s new performance space brings him face to face with a werewolf—a werewolf that would be perfect for Tom’s shoestring production of Beauty and the Beast. Staying in Tiny Town USA would be worth it if he can somehow convince the sexy wolf to expose his furry condition on stage and howl privately in Tom’s bed.

Wolf Around The Corner, a paranormal semi-finalist in Passionate Ink’s 2017 Sexy Scribbles Contest, is a full-length fairytale romance with a side of wolf shifter. If you like your romance with gorgeous men, humor, and small town magic, you’ll love Wolf Around the Corner! Buy your copy now and settle in to watch the drama unfold!




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2 thoughts on “Wolf Around The Corner Has No Alphas, Only Awkwardness

  1. You had me at “So here’s my werewolf. He may look all confident and sexy on the cover of my book but inside he’s a mass of wobbly gelatin and insecurity.” Just put this on my Kindle and looking forward to reading!

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