An Exclusive Look at the First Chapter of A HUNDRED PROMISES OF LOVE

A Hundred Promises of Love by MP

My new holiday novella, A HUNDRED PROMISES OF LOVE, is due to drop on December 8th. (Pssst! If you’re in a hurry, you can pre-order it right now – click the cover for more info!)

But I want to offer members of my mailing list an exclusive read on December 6th of the first chapter before it even hits the shelves.

How do I get in on that action, you ask?

Simple – join Aidee’s Awesome News mailing list.

Once you join you’ll get exclusive news, freebie stories, and tons of giveaways that aren’t available on my social media or my website. In fact….I might include a giveaway in every email (but don’t tell anyone because that’s our secret).

I never send emails unless I have a book coming out or I’m attending a cool event, or I just have awesome news. So you won’t get spammed every week or even every month. My news is not on a schedule.

Have I convinced you to join me? Yeah? Then click that blue button!







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