Three Easy Habits To Better Writing

During my time as a professional writer, three habits have helped me become a better author.

  1. Reading. A good writer always reads. As Stephen king says, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” I encourage you to read the best that literature has to offer and puzzle out why these specific books continue to speak to us. Read in your favorite genre and figure out what appeals to you on a visceral level. Read flawed books and pinpoint why they are flawed. But above all, read.
  2. Writing. The adage that practice makes perfect may not be literally true, but it can make you a better writer. I challenge you to learn by doing. Put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard. Let the words flow and they will become more complex and true the more you write.
  3. Taking classes. Why force yourself to learn every lesson the hard way when other authors will mentor and teach you!  Learning your craft is an important part of being a writer. But no writer can know everything. Classes allow you to find information you may be unfamiliar with or see a different perspective on a familiar topic. Every class I’ve taken has yielded at least one takeaway that helped me. The world needs our books—but we must give our readers the best book we can write.

TLDR: Watch This Video

So what habits do you think lead to better writing?

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