The Forbes and Oliver Playlist

Some of my best memories of summer involve making playlists for friends and for the inevitable road trip to the beach.

I remember one summer in short shorts, slathered in sunscreen, in the passenger side of my friend’s convertible listening to Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen while the days seemed to stretch before us forever.

I think that’s why making a playlist for my books seems so easy.

I released my first standalone title, THE BREAK-IN through Dreamspinner Press and when my friend Kelley asked me what music would go with my ebook, I found several that seemed to fit both with my characters and my story.I have to admit when I’m looking for songs to fill a
playlist for a story, they have to meet one of two criteria:
  •         The lyrics have to match what a character is feeling
  •         The song captures the mood of a scene

That said, here are the songs I chose for this story and why. If you’re interested, I created the playlist on YouTube so you can listen to the whole set here:

Moving On by Needtobreathe

I think this song captures Forbes at the start of the story.
He’s waiting for his lover to reappear when their stars align but is
contemplating moving on. It encompasses that kind of sad but inevitable feeling
that you might be waiting for nothing.

Mission Impossible Theme

Okay, I know this is a pretty cheesy pick, but I am dead
certain that Wilson, the self-appointed leader of the technology thieves,
insisted that this music be played in the van on the way over to Forbes’s lab.
Oliver was lucky he drove his own motorcycle to the scene, because they would
have come to blows over the endless repetition of this song.

99 Problems by Hugo

I know the Jay-z is more famous, but I love the almost folky
sound of this song. This is Oliver’s song as things start to go south. He’s
suddenly on the wrong side of both Forbes and the gang of thieves he’s working

Take On Me by A-ha

Shameless 80’s guilty pleasure music. THE BREAK-IN is set in
the near future, so I’m going to say Forbes has it in his music library because
his parents listened to it.

Ruler of My Heart by Irma Thomas

I love the soulful sound of Irma Thomas. This is definitely
a Forbes song. He’s waited so long for his lover to return and when he does,
it’s not at all in the way he expects.

Jeepers Creepers by Frank Sinatra

I had to include this song. It’s Jeepers’s song! The little
cat robot embodies this quirky little ditty. He probably plays it in the house
whenever Forbes leaves.

Do It Alone by Sugarcult

Forbes would understand this song. He doesn’t want to be
alone anymore. He’s willing to beg Oliver to stay.

With you by Natalie Walker

The lyric “Love takes time and time is on our side” is
perfect for THE BREAK-IN. Forbes definitely found his life changed by Oliver
and as a result his love didn’t fade despite time and circumstance. It’s a
sappy song but those are okay sometimes.

Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf

This song embodies Forbes and Oliver’s relationship. They are
somehow a lot less ordinary together and together they will have an
extraordinary life.

10.   Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

This song is for the end of the story. The hardest part is
over for both Forbes and Oliver. The twist and turns of fate have left them
exhausted and time has fallen away. It’s definitely the heart that really
matters in the end.

11.   All Will Be Well by Gabe Dixon

This song is my song. As the author, I want to tell my
characters that “all will be well” but only time will tell.

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