Pretty Quiet

I’ve been fairly quiet lately. Like last year, I don’t have a a book coming out at the moment, but unlike last year, I’m not as stressed about that.

I’m the current president of the Rainbow Romance Writers (RRW) chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and that’s taking a lot of my time. Members of the LGBTQIA community need representation everywhere – especially in books with happy-ever-afters. Unlike a lot of the RWA chapters, RRW board duties are part advocacy because unfortunately, civil rights for people of marginalized genders, sexualities, and identities are a political topic at this point in history. So not as much writing, but still important.

Some of my lack of productivity stems from the fact that one of my favorite publishers is closing its doors. They are being wonderful. They are giving me my rights back and even selling me my cover art, but I’m spending more time getting the books ready for an indie relaunch than I am writing new stories. I took a class recently to spruce up the blurbs for them and I think they are going to knock readers over. 😀

And the new stories I am working on are ones I’ve been fighting with. I keep lobbing scenarios at my subconscious and hoping one of them will stick. It’s not that I think the books aren’t good – I really, really think they are. As with all my books, they are cross-genre and will probably have a hard time finding an audience. But I love them.

On the plus side, I love the flash fiction I wrote for the annual Queer Sci Fi Contest. I can’t wait to share it with you. And speaking of, my story from last year will be available soon to post and that will go online here with the rest of my flash fiction.

In the meantime, if you still haven’t read WOLF AROUND THE CORNER, that book is available for review through the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s “Don’t Buy My Love” program. I’d love it if you snagged a copy and left a review.

More news soon! I promise!

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Quiet

    1. Thanks, Kari. I like to think that this is like the fields lying fallow. They’ll be even more fertile in the future. 🙂

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