Looking Back to the Beginning of the Journey

Hey, I’m back!

Seriously, RainbowCon may still guest post, but they’ve run into some snags, so you’ve got me posting again. Which, since this is my blog, you probably already know my writing and my post style, so stick around.

I was looking back at my blog the other day and found this:

It’s a closeup of a kerosene lamp base, wick short and unburning. I recall taking it at a restaurant while waiting for my meal to arrive.

At the time, I was trying the whole picture a day experiment and I’d made it almost all the way through April with shapshots of commonplace objects, people I knew, places I’d been.

But what I find so much more interesting than the picture of the lamp is what I had to say about it.

Underneath this picture were the words:

April 29, 2011

“When Thomas Edison worked late into the night on the electric light, he had to do it by gas lamp or candle. I’m sure it made the work seem that much more urgent.”
George Carlin

I’ve had a sense of urgency in my life recently.  I think I need to be working harder at night on my electric light.


I originally posted this in 2011 before I started publishing my writing.

  • This is before I answered the first anthology call. 
  • Before I sent off my story, The Applicant, biting my fingernails until I received the acceptance in my inbox. 
  • Before I was named a winner in the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition.
  • Before I’d joined my local writers’ group and found a dozen new friends. 
  • Before I attended my first writing conference. 
  • Before I attended my first LGBT conference. 
  • Before I went on my first blog tour. 
  • Before I corresponded with someone who I’d never met before but was somehow touched by my writing.
  • Before I was introduced to a host of generous book bloggers that gave up their time and space on their blog to help me get my name out there. 
  • And probably before I met you…

I’m really glad I listened to that sense of urgency and sent that short story in to the publisher. 🙂

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