Grab your gel pens and colored pencils!

This year has been stressful for me. I’ve got a new book coming out this summer. I’ve got two more books that I’m trying to edit but keep getting thwarted by family obligations. And of course, my day job is requiring overtime.

To combat my stress, you may already be aware that I color–as  in adult coloring. Adult coloring has taken the world by storm with complex drawings that are both beautiful and fun. Coloring is an activity most of us remember from our childhood. It evokes memories of simpler times when major life decisions were often whether to stay inside and watch cartoons or go outside and play pirates. The shedding of adult worries and going back to simply picking out colors to decorate a page, swiping the crayon in small motions to fill a lined void is almost meditative. I have to admit–I love it.

So I have a new coloring page to share with you. This one is for one of my older books, The Break-in. It’s a story about a lonely roboticist pining for a time traveler he met when he was young who told him to wait a few years to meet him properly. And about the fact that the time traveler’s younger self is actually part of a gang of technology thieves breaking into the roboticist’s lab. And there’s a robot cat. If you’re interested, you can find out more here.

TheApplicantAnyway, here’s the new page (click the picture to be directed to a PDF to download/print). And if you’re interested in more, I now have a section of my website devoted to coloring pages. Just go here and keep a lookout for new ones. I have already commissioned another one for the book coming out this year. 🙂

Print some coloring pages and then get out your gel pens or you colored pencils or even your crayons. Spend a few moments doing something fun, something colorful, and something relaxing. Come color with me.

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