Why All New Authors Need A Website

So you’re writing on your first book or maybe you have just entered the wide world of publishing. What now? It’s time to set up your author website.

Your website is your home. It is your kingdom, your castle. It is the one place you have complete control over how you and your work is presented to the world. And you’re the only one who can move around the furniture or paint the walls. You don’t have to worry about Facebook or Amazon coming in while you’re at work and moving everything where you can’t find it.

There are three main reasons why having a home on the web is important:

  1. It’s a great way for publishers and agents to learn more about you. If you’re submitting to a publisher or agent, you’d better believe they will go looking on the web for more information about you. Your website allows you to control your story. Talk about what you’re writing, discuss themes you’re interested in, and share projects you are planning in the future. No industry professional wants to take a chance on an author who only has one story in them. Tease them with tidbits about your future books.
  1. It’s cheap advertising for your books. Once you’ve published, your book is only one of thousands on the physical or virtual shelf competing for attention. Your website will become the main showcase for your books. It will always have your books front and center, with easy to find buy links. And unlike other sites, your books will never be replaced on the homepage by another author’s book.
  1. It will allow you to have a deeper relationship with readers. Readers will also come looking for you on the web. A story you wrote may have touched them or spoken to them, and they’ll want to know more about the person that wrote it. They may even wish to contact you to tell you how much your story meant to them. Make sure all your contact information (email address, social media links, or an email form page) is easy to find.


  1. A blog gives potential readers an instant writing sample. Having a blog is a time-intensive venture but has many benefits. Followers of your blog may mean potential readers of your future books. If they like your essays about life, writing, and your hobbies, chances are they’ll also like your books. And a blog is a great place to reveal the new cover of your book or post an excerpt from your most recent work in progress. Blogs have the added bonus of making your site look like it’s updated often to search engines and will boost your search engine rankings.

The Author Website is an essential part of your author brand. That brand is not just your books, but YOU.  It should reflect your dreams, aspirations, and talent. If it does, readers will not only fall in love with your books but with you as a favorite author.

And if you’re looking to setup your website, I happen to know a great developer. Kerry Putman runs Bestseller Media, a service that specializes in building websites and newsletter templates for new authors. Kerry is a writer herself, so she knows what’s important to your brand. You can find her services here: https://bestsellermedia.us/bmus/

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