Trouble On the Doorstep at #MySexySaturday

I love participating in #MySexySaturday. It’s fun to play the 7 game and keep people guessing on what’s happening in my newest release.

So here they are, seven paragraphs from my novella THE APPLICANT, just released from Dreamspinner Press. It takes place during an intimate moment between Forbes and Oliver, one that is a little more intimate than Forbes realizes:

“Why do you have a tattoo of Newton’s gravity equation?”

Oliver knew the

seemed out of place on his hip. Forbes flexed his fingers, and Oliver chuckled.

“You can touch it, Forbes. It won’t hurt.”

And then Forbes’s long sensitive fingers ran up his leg to his hip, a tickling caress that ended with him drawing the pad of one along the tattoo, tracing the formula with his touch.

“Is it a secret?” Forbes turned wide, inquisitive eyes to him, his palm covering the black lines. The warmth of his hand seeped into Oliver, making his cock jump and strain.

Oliver, still propped on his elbows, let his head fall back to stare at the ceiling. He was afraid to look Forbes in the eye for fear he’d see the scared kid Oliver used to be. The one who’d found the gravity formula in a torn children’s book about Sir Isaac Newton. The one who’d been sure he’d never have anyone, certain no one would love him.

“I got it when I was young, younger than you. Before I fell in love the first time.”

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