The Sacred Writing Space

A lot of readers and authors ask you about your writing space. It’s as if there’s something magical about where all those worlds and characters become real.

To be fair, I write almost everywhere. But I do have a place where I’m most productive and that’s my little writing desk:

And the thing I love most about my writing desk is my poster of the Hero’s Journey. I studied Joseph Campbell’s monomyth in college and this poster is a whimsical look at how a character crosses out of the ordinary world and into the hero realm. The poster was created by Ryan Dunlavey in conjuction with his graphic novel Action Philosophers written by Fred Van Lente. The poster is sadly no longer for sale, but here’s a closer look at it:

(I secretly love the part where Vader tells Luke he’s his father and Luke tells him he’s gay.)

My little desk is located in my guest bedroom so it gets lots of natural sunlight but there’s a lamp for nighttime writing as well. My cats will come in to enjoy the sunshine and stay for a cuddle as I write.

But I’m thinking of moving my desk into my library. I have a big wide window-seat that’s just the perfect height for my desk (and if I get tired I can sack out among my books!). The library is actually a repurposed dining room. Since I already have a perfectly good breakfast nook for my four person table, I thought I’d just build some bookshelves and make a library. As you can see in the picture, the window seat is actually a cedar chest I got as a wedding present from my cousin.

So what do you think? Should I remain exiled in the guest bedroom or move into the library with the smell of books all around me?

Would it be too much of an eyesore to have a desk in my spiffy library? Or instead help mark it as my territory? LOL!!!


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