Release the Kraken!

Okay, you might have already heard, but I’ve just got to post about it — MLR will be publishing my new novel, The Klockwerk Kraken this year!!!!! Yay!!!!

This story will be the first set in my spiral arm galaxy. (Fun Fact: There are already two more stories written in this universe — maybe another will make it into the world this year?)

It’s about a tentacled bartender (yes, I said tentacled) who owns a bar named The Klockwerk Kraken on the Switchpoint Way station. Switchpoint is part space port, part strip mall. He misses his family but he’s got the bar to run which is becoming harder since his liquor shipments are being delayed. You see, Switchpoint is way out on the end of the galaxy arm and there’s a lot of nothing to get through to them.

Enter, my second hero, Jimenez.  He’s a greenie space pilot, captain’s implants still red around the edges who’s looking to buy a ship. Teo saves him from a bad deal and steers him to more reputable buyers and in return, Jimenez makes Teo his first customer.

Teo feels a definite pull of attraction toward Jimenez, but unfortunately, it looks like the spacer just isn’t into tentacles.

I’m so excited about this new story and I look forward to sharing it with you!  Look for it later this year from MLR Press.

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Aidee Ladnier

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