Jayus – A Word We Need In English

From 11 Untranslatable Words from Other Cultures by Maptia

My grandmother, who I dearly loved, used to tell a Jayus joke like this.  It’s now a favorite that my DH and I sometimes tell to each other just to get a laugh and to remember how wonderful she was. My grandmother was always laughing and telling jokes, even if she didn’t always get the punchline right. She was a happy person and I’m glad to say I took after her in many ways including her absurd sense of humor.

Here’s our favorite joke:

A duck walks into a bar, orders a drink, downs it, and then gets up to leave.

The bartender stops him and says, “How are you going to pay for your drink?”

The duck replies, “Put it on my lips.”

Of course the real punchline was “put it on my bill” since ducks have bills instead of lips, but I still think my grandmother’s version is funnier.

And I still miss her and her jayus.

What about you–have you ever heard a joke that was told incorrectly and ended up being funnier because of it?

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