Dire Straits–Characters Thrive In Danger


(robot credit: Steve Talkowski)

Off to Hawaii to catch some waves. Wish me well!

….especially as there’s a hurricane headed for the islands.

The situation has kind of made me think. As a writer, I’m continually putting my protagonists in harm’s way, backing my characters up against the wall, leaving them with no choice but the bad choice. Of course, I do that for the sake of plot, conflict, drama, and all things juicy to read.

But embarking on this work trip with a hurricane breathing down my neck has made me realize that I do it for another reason as well—because that’s life.

We’re often made to choose between a bad idea and a worse idea or in my case, physical safety and financial safety. Our world changes and grows around us and we have to adapt to survive.

So really, when you read about a character that’s in dire straits,
remember, there’s probably been a time when you’ve had to make a hard choice or a bad choice. Books, after all, reflect us.

I’m not relishing a trip to Hawaii during hurricane season, but I’ll probably be fine. And until then, it’s making excellent drama for the story of my life. 🙂

Stay safe, everybody!


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