Aidee’s Top Five Favorite Things About The Holidays

December is one of my favorite months in the year. So, in the spirit of goodwill to all men (and women!), I’m sharing a list of what I love so much about December and the holidays.

    1. Decorating the Tree for Christmas. Because I have the kitchiest, most marvelous ornaments in the world and they always make me smile to see them. It’s like visiting with old friends.
    2. Soy Eggnog. I thought for sure I’d have to give up eggnog when I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, but luckily, there’s a deeeelicious soy milk alternative that tastes exactly the same. Yum!
    3. Lighting the Fireplace. Okay, my fireplace is electric, so theoretically I can run it all year long because heat doesn’t actually come out of it unless I push a button….but it’s winter and there’s a fire in the fireplace!!!
    4. Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas Movies. These are my incredibly guilty and (almost) secret pleasure. I’m totally outing myself on this blog, but I literally fill up the DVR with them and watch them all year long.
    5. Baking Christmas Cookies. I love to bake cookies. There’s something a little zen about mixing all the ingredients, placing decorations meticulously on each one, and then smelling the delicious scent of baking cookies wafting from the oven.
So those are my favorite things about the holidays. What are yours?
I hope you all have a great and wonderful month full of fun, friendship, and really good food. 😉

And just in case you didn’t know – I’ve published a holiday novella

A Hundred Promises of Love by MP

Publisher: MLR Press
Editor: Kris Jacen
Cover Artist: Melody Pond
Pages: 84
ASIN: B077357L6B





For Ethan and Nico, a broken millefiori ornament is more than a few shards of glass−it’s a chance at finding love at Christmas.

Ethan Carson wants to treat his mother to the perfect Christmas while she’s visiting over the holidays. He’s spent all his savings on presents and bought an enormous tree that takes up half his living room. But when he starts to trim the tree with the family heirloom decorations, he finds her favorite ornament, the one his late father bought on their honeymoon, is broken.

Glassblower Nico Kazan doesn’t celebrate Christmas—unless you count trying to sell the art glass in his gallery to holiday shoppers. When Ethan, the object of his secret crush, asks him to recreate a broken Murano ball, he knows it will take more than his skill and time. He’ll risk his heart to give Ethan back a symbol of love and family for Christmas.

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