A Sea of Torsos

It’s an open secret that skin sells.

This is true in all kinds of marketing including romance novels. As much as the writer in me wants to be decorous and refined, I know in my heart of hearts that naked torsos mean more sales.

Take for example the Amazon best sellers I’m perusing while writing this blog:

#8 The Downside of Love by Meghan Quinn

Or #15 Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige

And don’t even get me started on gay romance…

Like #2 Trick Play by Eden Finley

So while I’m trying to convince myself that my stories are deep and compelling, filled with emotion and meaning, exploring what it means to be human and to love, I’m confronted by the fact that readers are still buying books because a naked chest grabs their attention.

Of course, there are really good reasons for this scientifically. A shirtless man is easier to smell. Humans are primates, after all. We rely on scent to help us choose our mates. And a male without all those clothes covering up their scent is easier to evaluate via our noses.

Also, a shirtless man exhibits sexual attractiveness. Due to the rise of the female gaze, we’re seeing more and more of what women like–broad shoulders and slim hips. A book cover with a sexy guy on the cover says, “Come read me. I’ll be your boyfriend for at least 200 pages.” Can you really resist a guy that’s so willing and eager?

Wolf Around The Corner

So with that in mind, my cover artist created the cover for my novel, Wolf Around The Corner.

It’s a little bit theater, a little bit paranormal, and a lot romance.

I’m adding to the sea of naked torsos, but at least the view is nice.

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