Revisiting Friends

So I recently reclaimed the rights to my first story with Dr. Forbes Pohle, the lonely roboticist, and his time-traveling lover, Oliver Lennox. As the second story in the Busted Labs series, The Break-in, is still under contract with Dreamspinner Press, I gave them a first chance at republishing it.

And they said yes!

–with a caveat.

Dreamspinner asked that I make the short story into a novella. So here I am, revisiting old friends again. It’s kind of nice to get back in the head of these characters. They are so obviously meant for each other even if their timing seems a little off.

Of course, there’s no Jeepers in this story. The little cat robot hasn’t been built yet. But there’s a teddy bear robot who is unforgettable. And in this new version, you get to see a character that is only hinted at during The Break-in.

So cross your fingers for me that I can get this story revised and resubmitted.

I’m excited to return to Forbes and Oliver. And I can’t wait to show you a little more of their universe!

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