Recommended Article: Photographs Reveal Before And After Transformations Of Drag Queens

You may already know that I have a fascination with the blurring of gender lines. These photographs by Leland Bobbé are beautiful,  elegant, and thought-provoking. They are both art in their presentation of the subject and in illuminating the artistic nature of the subjects. I liked this article, but please check out  Leland Bobbé’s full site for all the protraits:

He presents the subjects as both masculine and feminine, full to bursting with the power of both genders.

Heidi Glum
Leland Bobbé, a New York based photographer, has compiled a series of stunning and complex images that further examine the drag queen persona, what it consist of, its controversies, and multifaceted physical aspects.His ongoing project, ‘Half-Drag . . . A … Continue reading

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