The Intruder

     by Aidee Ladnier


I entered a challenge in 2013 to write a scary 250 word horror story.


She was alone when a bang against the glass startled her. Macy upended her book and padded over to the wide, dark reflection of the living room in the patio door.

A scarred, dirty face loomed up from the darkness. The man snarled and beat a fist against the plate glass.

Macy’s heart thumped hard, deep in her chest.

“Can I help you?” Her voice wavered on the last word.

“Let me in.”

Macy’s mouth filled with saliva as she backed away. Twack! Another sharp pound on the glass shocked a scream from her.

“I said, let me in, lady. Do it!”

Oh God, did she lock the kitchen door when she came home? Macy pivoted, her breath choking in her throat as she scrambled for the kitchen.

Gasping, she reached for the doorknob and it turned-open-in her hand. Macy fumbled with the lock and thrust it at the jamb. A fist grabbed the door from outside and shoved it back at her, knocking her down. She scuttled back, heels sliding on the slick floor.

The man lurched over the doorstep holding his bloody wrist that dripped fat, red splashes on the white tile.

“It’s your dog, lady. It was foamin’ at the mouth when it bit me. Has it had all its shots?”

Macy blinked back tears as her brain tried to process his words. “I don’t know what you mean-I don’t have a dog.”

At the doorway, a hulking shadow emerged with a slow click of nails and a rumbling growl.

Copyright 2013, Aidee Ladnier. All rights reserved.

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