Works in Progress


What if it takes two people to lay a ghost?
30% Complete
12,170 of 40,000 words
I’m writing the first draft of a young adult novel titled “Smudges”. When you die, sometimes you leave a smudge, a silent ghost that repeats the same action over and over unable to be wiped clean from reality. High School junior Miranda Spencer had seen those smudges most of her life but she never wanted to see the one of her murdered best friend, Anne. Charlotte Ames has moved to the podunk town of Hendersonville just in time to be the new girl with no date to the Prom. Remaking herself as the exciting and enigmatic Charly might be her in with the popular crowd if she can keep the voices in her head from ruining it. But when Miranda meets Charly, sparks fly and ghosts talk. Can Anne’s spirit tell them who her killer is before the murderer targets them as well.

Yowl at the Moon

alley cat versus house cat
17% Complete
5,085 of 30,000 words
I’m writing the first draft of a shifter romance, “Yowl at the Moon”. It’s alley cat versus house cat in a tale about avoiding the vet, how to get tangles out of long hair, and finding true love. Someone really should have stopped me. 🙂

Wild West Steampunk Series

Cabinet of the Dead
44% Complete
22,233 of 50,000 words
I’m writing the first story in what will be my Wild West Steampunk Series: 'The Cabinet of the Dead' 'The Meteorological Thaumaturgist' 'The Witch of Gear Bellow Peak' 'The Clockwork Revenants' and 'The Steam Messiah.' The first story titled, “The Cabinet of the Dead”, refers to the mechanism by which a spiritualist speaks to the dead. But the government is hoping he can speak to someone else they desperately need information from as the greatest inventors of the age are disappearing into Indian Territory never to be seen again. And what is behind the massive storms that bring death to settlers, leaving nothing but bloated, bloody bodies on the plains. Why do the thunderclouds glint like shining metal?

Fool To Dream

There's a monster in your refrigerator
5% Complete
2,489 of 50,000 words
I’m writing the first draft of my contemporary paranormal “Fool to Dream”. In it a microfossil expert who has the misfortune to have his dreams come true for an hour each morning meets the guy of his dreams. How will he know it’s true when he can’t tell which is the dream lover and which is the real thing?

As She Floated Down

The ghost of Sylvie Girl tried to warn her...
101% Complete
50,392 of 50,000 words
I’m editing on a contemporary novel titled “As She Floated Down” about Emily Daws, a folklorist researching the history behind a murder ballad called Sylvie Girl. She finds her life begin to mirror the song’s love story when she becomes involved in a relationship with Brent Bolton, the grandson of the dead woman’s lover. And despite the ghost of Sylvie Girl trying to warn her away, she is inevitably drawn to the deadly riverbank.

Lawrence Frightengale Checks In

Hotel Hijinks
95% Complete
19,000 of 20,000 words
Debussy and I are doing another pass on the new Lawrence and Myrna mystery titled Lawrence Frightengale Checks Inn. Larry, Lawrence's off screen identity, and Myrna breakdown on a deserted back road and end up spending the night in a spooky inn that legend says is haunted by the spirits of shipwreck victims. Will Larry, Bootsy, and Nick, Myrna's alter ego, be able to figure out what is causing those bobbing lights along the beach? Is it souls searching for their bodies washed up on shore?

The Thing In The Tree

A children's picture book
118% Complete
941 of 800 words
I wanted to write a picture book for my niece. And it might be horror. Am I warping young minds? Maybe.

Untitled F/F Action Space Adventure

Kickass Women In Space
0% Complete
61 of 50,000 words
So I want to write a Female/Female space opera with an Indiana Jones like treasure hunt.

Untitled F/F Alien Secret Baby Story

Shouldn't have dared me to do it
0% Complete
70 of 50,000 words
I've read soooo many secret baby stories. These need to be set in space. With aliens. And women.

Moonlight Market Sequel

Revisiting the Market
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2 of 50,000 words
So I want to write a sequel to the Moonlight Market. I want to include all the things I loved about it: magical realism, a touch of horror, a little romance, the search for someone. This time I think the protagonist will be Evie from one of the flash fiction pieces that I wrote about the Market (you can find it with my flash fiction online). In this story she's all grown up and searching for a suspect in a case. Yep, Evie grew up to be an investigator. But she still needs to learn a few lessons in how to love.

Wolf In Show

Because you can't have just one werewolf story
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6 of 50,000 words
Blame this one on DH. He loved the premise of Wolf Around the Corner and suggested the second story have an undercover werewolf trying to bring down corruption guessed it - a dog show.