Top 2 Bottom Reviews gave Lawrence Frightengale a Great Review!

Susan at Top 2 Bottom Reviews had this to say:

TV’s late night horror show host, Lawrence Frightingale, and his boyfriend, the lovely Myrna Boy, are all set to drive in a parade for out and proud gay youths with the vintage car borrowed from their boss. The car, however, gets stolen a few hours before zero hour. The two go off through town to investigate the trail, even if Lawrence has fake vampire fangs and Myrna wears a glittery gown. But who stole the car and why?

This was one the most upbeat stories I’ve read, short or otherwise. The spirit is so high and bubbly I feel like I’ve drank champagne. I absolutely adored this one. Every person here is a personality with a capital ‘P’. What really makes this stand out as a romance is the continuous playful, sexy, even tender banter between Lawrence and Myrna, that even if they barely touch, there’s a connection, real and heartwarming. And the mystery is top notch too, with red herrings and unlikely culprits. I recommend this wholeheartedly!

I love that the story made the reviewer feel like she’d just had a glass of champagne.  I’m sure Lawrence and Myrna would definitely be joining her in a glass of bubbly!

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