Time to Give Back! Leave a Comment and Get Something Cool!

My first official author swag purchase was last month and it’s now arrived!

I have pens!

But these are special pens.  They have a maze in them so even if you’re stuck taking notes and are bored to tears you now have something to do–get the little steel ball through the maze from one end of the pen to the other!  My thinking was “quirky pens for a quirky writer”.

As a special happy dance day, anyone and I mean ANYONE that comments on this post before September 1, 2013 and puts their email address in the comment will get one of my new pens. (Of course, be safe and use this format: aideelad at gmail dot com so the robots don’t get you.)

Come on!  I know you want one.  Because they’re cool, right?   🙂

2 thoughts on “Time to Give Back! Leave a Comment and Get Something Cool!

  1. This is awesome. The funny thing is that I was researching swag ideas for a conference I plan to go to next year. My research found that pens are the number one thing they leave behind at a hotel. It appears that billions of dollars of swag is tossed out around the world after a guest leaves. When it comes to pens the keepers all have three things in common. Coll…quirky & fun factors in place. You got all three in one pen- Bravo!

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