The Key To The Word

Okay, blogging is an interesting pastime. But there’s a certain amount of maintenance that goes with it, including tagging your posts, writing regularly, disseminating the post link, etc. And one of the things I do occasionally is check to see how people are getting to my blog.

Which can lead to some interesting keywords–such as:

Aidee, Aidee Ladnier, – these are expected. These are keywords to lead directly to me. Good job keywords!

aidee ladnier naked – Hold on there! No nudity on the blog!

mm, buy mm, m/m erotica books, m…m – these are good. I do write male/male pairings.

quirky characters, quirky stories, quirky writing, short stories with quirky characters – also good as my tagline is “because quirky characters fall in love, too…”

unromantic proposal – okay, I own this one. I wrote an entire post about my husband trying to be romantic and failing due to my incredible unromantic streak

waiting for the one – also one of mine. I wrote a blog post about my characters Forbes and Oliver (who will be returning in a revamped and expanded version of The Applicant soon!) and how as humans we often find ourselves waiting during our lives.

frequency illusion, cognitive bias – again, another blog post, this one about how cognitive biases like frequency illusion can help writers sell books.

ghost spam is free from the politics, we dancing like a paralytics – I have no idea where this one came from. Weird.

klockwerk kraken, why tentacles, kraken bed set – these are all probably from my book last year, The Klockwerk Kraken.
Wow. I had no idea that people were finding my little blog in such interesting ways. 

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