Lawrence Frightengale Investigates

The short story "Lawrence Frightengale Investigates" is now available in the Closet Capers Anthology and can be ordered at Amazon.

   Lawrence Frightengale Investigates
by Aidee Ladnier & Debussy Ladnier

Television horror host Lawrence Frightengale and his leading lady, the glamorous drag performer Myrna Boy, find themselves racing against the clock when the theft of a classic car bound for the Out & About parade threatens to be a showstopper for Lawrence’s career.

Closet Capers
Debussy and I had so much fun writing this. He's a fan of horror movie hosts and personally loves really bad horror flicks of the seventies. I'm more of a fan of classic mystery movies like THE THIN MAN or MAD MISS MANTON where the amateur detectives juggle social parties with solving crime. Together, we tried to recreate that feel with our hero Lawrence Frightengale, in his rather effete vampire makeup, and his partner both on screen and off, Myrna Boy, a local celebrity at the Falsehoods Cabaret. They use their wits and their panache to solve the case of the missing Frightmobile but also manage to reconnect with a memory from Lawrence's childhood.

Rave Reviews!

  • GayList Book Reviews said: "We rarely get to see a couple that is already committed to each other live their life in the pages of a story, without there being crazy drama. I loved the way these partners interacted with each other completely confident and moved to action by the crisis of a theft. If you don’t get swept away in the world building, the overall trust and partnership [of Lawrence and Myrna] makes for great read." Read the full review.
  • On Top Down Under Book Reviews said: "There are surprises and a humorous cast of secondary characters.  A very entertaining read." Read the full review.
  • Joyfully Jay Book Reviews said: "Wow, this story is such a delight in every aspect...The main characters are endearingly quixotic and yet oh so relatable that the reader will be left wanting more of their exploits or at least their cable show.  Love this story and the authors." Read the full review.
  • Hearts on Fire Book Reviews said: "I loved Myrna Boy and I’d love to see a longer book with her and Lawrence." Read the full review.
  • Amazon Review: "My personal favorite of the tales was Aidee and Debussy Ladnier's "Lawrence Frightengale Investigates," with its witty allusions to the "Creature Feature" type horror film television programming I grew up on, and equally smart intimations of the "Thin Man" mysteries featuring legendary couple Nick and Nora Charles. The fact that one of the couple in this tale (set in contemporary times) rejoices in the name of Myrna Boy adds a delicious note of fun and fanciful nostalgia to the proceedings. The suspenseful pacing of the tale is well counterpointed with the characterizations of the two protagonists, and the payoff is surprisingly unexpected." Read the full review
  • Goodreads Review: "This was one the most upbeat stories I’ve read, short or otherwise. The spirit is so high and bubbly I feel like I’ve drank champagne. I absolutely adored this one. Every person here is a personality with a capital ‘P’. What really makes this stand out as a romance is the continuous playful, sexy, even tender banter between Lawrence and Myrna, that even if they barely touch, there’s a connection, real and heartwarming. And the mystery is top notch too, with red herrings and unlikely culprits. I recommend this wholeheartedly!"

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