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“Lawrence Frightengale Investigates” in the Closet Capers Anthology is still getting good reviews.  Here’s some new ones:

Melanie M on her blog ScatteredThoughtsAndRogueWords–also published on Joyfully Jay where she is a guest reviewer–was especially complimentary:

I love the idea of mixing romance and detective work, how better to sleuth out the mysteries of the heart? The stories contained within this anthology run the gamut from a 1800s riverboat gambler to a lovely story about a cable tv horror host and a missing Cadillac. A number of these authors are unfamiliar to me, like Aidee Ladnier and Debussy Ladnier of the wonderful “Lawrence Frightengale Investigates.” For me, buying an anthology means getting a quick introduction to authors I might not have found any other way and for that alone, it is always worth buying the book. And of course, there are authors involved that I love, like Andrea Speed and her “Tempest for a Teacup.” I loved that story, it was one of my favorites of the group.

Lawrence Frightengale Investigates by Aidee & Debussy Ladnier: 5 stars. Lawrence Frightengale, aka Larry French, and his lover cabaret singer Myrna Boy (also known as Nicholas Benson when out of drag) are getting ready to ride in the annual Out & About Parade in the classic black Cadillac El Dorado convertible. That car had once been owned by the original host of Channel 11′s Terror Time, Harry Ghoulini, the morbid magician. Now Lawrence Frightengale is the host of the resurrected show and for the first time, he will be riding, along with his lover and cohost, in the historic Cadillac convertible. But when the car is stolen, the tv host and his cohorts must find the black convertible before the parade starts or lose their jobs in the process. Who would want to steal the El Dorado? Who is after Lawrence Frightengale? The answers must be found quickly as the parade is soon to start.

Wow, this story is such a delight in every aspect. I grew up with Count Gore DeVol here in the DC area but I am sure that everyone will fondly remember a corny dramatic horror show host somewhere in their past. The authors Ladnier are careful to treat the horror show host with affection and in loving tribute to their shows. These are fully realized characters, the setting authentic and the mysteries, yes two, nicely planned and resolved. The main characters are endearingly quixotic and yet oh so relatable that the reader will be left wanting more of their exploits or at least their cable show. Love this story and the authors.

Co-author Eli Easton said on Goodreads:

Another kitschy entry to the anthology, this story features the host of a late-night horror show (who dresses as a vampire) and his cross-dressing boyfriend Myrna Boy. They’re scheduled to appear in a parade in a rare Cadillac, and when the car goes missing they have to figure out where it went. This story was cute and well-written, especially if you’re a fan of kitschy TV shows.

MostlyDelores on Goodreads gave the story 5 out of 5 stars:

ght TV host and his companion, Myrna Boy, need to find a tricked-out Cadillac before the Out and About parade starts.

Lucy of Hearts on Fire Reviews said:

Cute mystery about a missing car.  I loved Myrna Boy and I’d love to see a longer book with her and Lawrence.  The mystery?  Where IS the car?

I am so grateful for these reviewers to not only take the time to read our story but to compliment it so wonderfully. Thank you so much!

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