Learning About The Elevator Pitch

So I’m preparing for my first ever Romance Writers of America conference and one of the new things I’m learning about is the elevator pitch for writers.

Similar to the elevator pitch for business where a young entrepreneur chats up a rich investor with a crazy idea worth millions, writers memorize and practice reciting the logline (that is the basic 30 second plot) of their novel on the off chance that they are stuck in an elevator with an editor or agent during the conference.

I’m currently working on mine as well.  But I’m worried.  I write in a lot of different genres–mystery, paranormal, science fiction, steampunk, historical, western.  And I write both straight and LGBT romance.  Should I just blurt out that I’m much too versatile to be pinned down to one genre?  Should I hide my M/M  and F/F fiction in the proverbial closet and only pitch my M/F romances?

I’m uncertain. I think that you can plan and research a lot before diving into a new experience like attending the RWA conference.  But there’s always going to be something that you can only learn by just being there.

So I’ll practice my elevator pitches for all my novels and see how it goes.  Maybe I’ll find a home for my stories in the elevator.

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