If Disney Princes were real…

Buzzfeed’s hilarious video gets right to the heart of asking why women are still waiting for a prince charming.

And I counter that with asking–are modern women still waiting for their prince charming or are do we just enjoy reading and watching and hearing about a handsome prince sweeping a woman off her feet?

It sort of begs the question, do you believe everything you see in movies, and all you read in fiction, to be real?  I don’t think so. I think movies and fiction are escapist fun that occasionally makes us think and enjoy the world around us more. But we rarely expect to emulate it in our real lives.

I know I’ll never go on an epic quest to Mount Doom, but I loved reading about one in the Lord of the Rings. I know a half a dozen women who read Eat, Pray, Love but they haven’t resettled in Italy. Has every person who read The Maltese Falcon gone on to become a private detective?

But books and movies are fun. And Disney movies are especially enjoyable because they’re a fantasy. The real dating world is often uncertain and awkward, but a Disney prince unerringly knows which is the girl for him. And sometimes it’s nice to see a guy who knows how to go after what he wants. šŸ˜‰

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