Good Reviews!

My short story “Lawrence Frightengale Investigates” has gotten some great reviews lately.

On Top Down Under Book Reviews said:

Follow along as Lawrence Frightengale (aka Larry French) and his lover Myrna Boy (aka Nicholas Benson) embark on a search to find a black El Dorado that has been carnapped a couple of hours before it is to be driven in a parade.  Lawrence is the host of Terror Time, a popular television show at an independent television station.  The car is on loan from the owner of the station to be used in the Out & About parade.  Knowing that Lawrence will be out of a job if the theft is discovered, he, Myrna and Myrna’s dog Bootsy go on a quick journey to try to get the car back before anyone finds out. There are surprises and a humorous cast of secondary characters.  A very entertaining read.  – 4.5 out of 5 stars.

GayListBookReviews reviewers Beans and Nina said:

Beans –  We rarely get to see a couple that is already committed to each other live their life in the pages of a story, without there being crazy drama.  I loved the way these partners interacted with each other completely confident and moved to action by the crisis of a theft.  If you don’t get swept away in the world building, the overall trust and partnership makes for great read.  But I did adore the fun sideline of the pride parade and horror show.
Nina –  I enjoyed this story so much.  It had so many good elements and kept a fast pace with a mystery that has to be solved in a very short time period.  Many times it looked like they wouldn’t be able to make it but the teamwork and flair that they show is fantastic.  I loved Larry/Lawrence and Nicholas/Myrna.  They have so much fun together as they try to save Larry’s job and solve the mystery.  Myrna’s explanation to Justin on how to address her was very gentle, clear and to the point.  The ending is perfect for this fun ride of a story.

And on Amazon, reviewer S.R. Shutt said:

My personal favorite of the tales was Aidee and Debussy Ladnier’s “Lawrence Frightengale Investigates,” with its witty allusions to the “Creature Feature” type horror film television programming I grew up on, and equally smart intimations of the “Thin Man” mysteries featuring legendary couple Nick and Nora Charles. The fact that one of the couple in this tale (set in contemporary times) rejoices in the name of Myrna Boy adds a delicious note of fun and fanciful nostalgia to the proceedings. The suspenseful pacing of the tale is well counterpointed with the characterizations of the two protagonists, and the payoff is surprisingly unexpected. Rumor has it that we haven’t seen the last of Larry and Myrna–I can’t wait to read of their further adventures!

In response, I offer my personal thanks to the reviewers for their kind words.  I’m so happy that readers are enjoying the adventures of Lawrence and Myrna. Perhaps there might be more stories forthcoming. <3

If you’d like to read the short story “Lawrence Frightengale Investigates”,  it’s available from Dreamspinner Press as part of the Closet Capers anthology.

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