Ghosts and Souls

Illustration by Daniel Horowitz

With the Halloween season upon us, I’m reading more and more in the paranormal romance genre.  I have to confess, I love paranormal books. So when I saw a post on the Radiolab blog about souls, I dove for it.

The post outlined a study in which children under the age of 10 were shown a puppet show wherein a baby mouse puppet was trying to get home and was eaten by an alligator puppet.  The baby mouse, the children were told, is dead. The researchers then asked the children questions like, “Does the baby mouse still want to go home?” and “Does the baby mouse still love his mother?”  And the children answered Yes.

Apparently children over the age of 10 answer these questions like adults do – No, the baby mouse’s desires and love die with him.  But for those younger children, some essence of the mouse is still alive and wanting and loving.

I think that’s why I love to read about ghosts of old lovers, spirits of desire.  There’s something so appealing about a love so strong that it has divorced itself completely from the physical.  The body houses all the needs like food and breathing, but the soul still has the wants – those for love and desire.

Do you have any favorite paranormal books to recommend?

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