FUN FACT: All the gold ever mined would fill a 60 x 60 cube.

Approximately 85% of all the gold ever mined is still in use today. So that ring or necklace of gold you like so much has a history and was probably worn in some fashion by someone in ancient times like maybe an Aztec priest or an Egyptian queen.
I think being a writer is like that.  People have felt the need to write down stories for thousands of years.  Before written word, people memorized long tales and songs to pass down news or morality lessons between their people.  Bards and minstrels had a special place by the fire.  Their stories were like gold to their listeners, tales of far off lands, gods, monsters, murders, and war.
The stories writers tell today have the same themes and characters that writers used hundreds of years ago: the orphan who becomes a successful businessman, the child seeking vengeance for the death of a family member, the handsome man who charms a woman and then kills her.  
We and our ancestors have so much in common. Despite all our modern gadgets and tools, we’re the same humans.  We have the same needs for food, shelter, love.  We have the same appreciation for shiny gold jewelry. 

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