Death Us Do Part[ner]

     by Aidee Ladnier


For the 2012 Halloween Challenge, my friends and I decided on zombie love poetry. The problem I had was in making it sexy.


It began with the bruise on your hip
The delicate purple flowing out to green and gold at the edges
Your skin soft, pliant, and liquid under the colors

It continued with a cut on your arm
Blood seeping sluggishly from the wound like scarlet sealing wax
Ashen skin curling like paper against the red rawness of the injury

I heard the bones of your wrist grind and stutter
As I held your hand, bound by my fingers
Your clammy grasp tightening to stroke me against your flesh

Your moan was long and luxurious
A hedonistic groan of ecstasy and pleasure
The vibration of it echoing in your chest to buzz against my skin

Your sweat smelled of earth, moist with a tang of raw meat
The scent tickled my nostrils
Leaving a metallic taste on my tongue as I wet my lips

The inexorable kiss was wild and slippery
Your lips a delicious savory pressure upon my mouth
Sharp teeth biting down on the pad of my lower lip

You taste of decay and the grave, jellied moldy leaves and small crawling insects
I cannot run while your skeletal arms enclose me
Instead I raise and tilt my face to yours, begging for another kiss


Copyright 2012, Aidee Ladnier. All rights reserved.

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