A Blur of Light

     by Aidee Ladnier


It wasn’t his fault that a facet of his powers relied on his being sexually aroused.


Lighter focused his powers through is hands and a laser bolt shot from his palm, taking out the front line of combat robots advancing towards City Hall. He thanked the gods and goddesses the morning dawned bright and sunny. He’d had to pull in more than his share of available light to fuel his powers against these maniacal contraptions.

His friend (but he wanted him to be more than friends—oh how he wanted) Blurry zipped up to him clipping one of the evil scientist’s man-sized robots as he phased back into real time from his near supersonic run.

“Now would be the time to pull out the big guns.” Blurry vibrated a little, never able to keep still.

Lighter shot another laser bolt at a tank-sized rolling robo-car bearing down on them. Machine parts pinwheeled in the air as it exploded.

“What are you talking about? These are penny ante bad guys.” He flicked a laser finger toward another robot, the concussion of its explosion ruffling his hair into his eyes in a way he knew made him look like the quintessential boy next door.

But Blurry frowned.

“Watch out!” His friend sped off and up, running on air molecules to bat aside a chunk of flying metal headed right towards his head.

“Thanks.” Lighter’s cheeks burned. Why did he always have to appear incompetent around Blurry?

Blurry slowed down again, taking him by the arm to spin him around.

“We can take these guys, sure, but what about that–”

He pointed to a giant robot, lumbering out of the side of the mountain lair of the evil scientist. They should have stopped that guy’s experiments sooner. It lifted a colossal mechanical foot and brought it down on a power line. It would take hours to restore power to the city.

“Aww crap.”

Blurry stood right next to him. His body’s warmth where it brushed up against him made goosebumps pop out under Lighter’s spandex suit. Blurry swung his way, but they’d never gotten in a situation where Lighter felt confident enough to make a move. And when a giant robot is destroying your home town it’s not the right moment either.

Blurry turned to him and Lighter saw the blue blue of his eyes behind the contacts that protected his corneas from his extreme speeds.

“You gotta do it, man. Computerrific says the shutdown combo is in place. All it needs is total darkness.”

Lighter groaned. “If Computerrific is already in the robot’s programming, can’t he start the shutdown no matter what time of day it is?”

Blurry held a hand up to his ear where his comm link to the other team members buzzed. Lighter had drowned his last week during a fight with a sea monster and Computerrific hadn’t given him a replacement yet.

“Computerrific says no. There’s a failsafe he can’t get around.” Blurry’s hands waved around, in well… a blur. “Just suck all the available light away from around the robot and the shutdown will begin.”

Lighter shot another laser toward a robot taking flight nearby, timing it so that it dove into a line of marching robots, leaving them a mess of flying wheels and gears. Yes!

“Can’t we wait for nightfall?”

Blurry vibrated in place, hands on his hips.

“Dude, did you just ask that? It’s taking out the Mega-stadium. You know we’re spending the next week rebuilding it.”

Lighter whirled to see the giant robot stomping on the empty stands of the stadium the city had built last year.

“Damn Superhero Reparations Law.”

The federal government had tired of cleaning up messes made by the supers (super heroes AND super villains) and imposed community service and fines to take care of the damages. Sure the evil scientist could afford to fork out the $1.5 billion for the stadium—he stole all his money. Lighter had a crummy slog as an electrician when he wasn’t off saving the world. He’d be stuck in community service for a month with all this mess.

“So take it out. SuperPow is ready to put a barrier around you both to contain the darkness. TelePort will send it into space as soon as it’s deactivated. I’ll run perimeter to make sure nobody stumbles into the combat zone.”

Lighter sighed. Yeah. That would work. TelePort already popped in and out of existence near the robot, readying herself.

“I…*mumble mumble*.” It wasn’t like he couldn’t suck the light out of an area, it’s just that he had to be “primed” for it.

“What?” Blurry sped up to him vibrating so close the waves of movement buffeted against Lighter’s face.

“I said I can’t.” Lighter’s neck felt hot and knew he was blushing with embarrassment. He’d already fucked this up. He was a crap superhero. He should go home.

“Why not?”

Lighter kicked at a piece of rubble. Making total darkness wasn’t easy for a good reason. You didn’t want to black out the whole world by accident. “You know why not.”

Blurry ran around the street, picking off robots as he went. “Oh for heaven’s sake. You are the only superhero in the world that doesn’t get off on adrenaline.”

“I think I’m rather well adjusted, thank you.” Lighter crossed his arms over his chest. It wasn’t his fault that a facet of his powers relied on his being sexually aroused. He’d been teased enough by former boyfriends about the “shaft of darkness”. He was tired of it.

“Okay, then here—”

Blurry caught him off-guard, zipping right up to him and then slanting his mouth over his lips in one smooth move. But as soon as the kiss started, everything slowed. Lighter reveled in the slip slide of his tongue, the soft mobile lips caressing against him. A curl of pleasure unfolded in him and he shuffled closer, grabbing onto Blurry, craving the warmth of him through the friction-buffering suit that hugged his skin. Their bodies rubbed together, and Blurry’s hard cock shifted against his thigh. Lighter moaned.

The sky darkened.

Blurry pulled away, and he grasped Lighter’s hand in his warm palm. He pushed it against Lighter’s groin making him groan as his fingers contacted his hardening cock.

“Keep this warm and I’ll see you after we clean this up.” Blurry’s whispered words punctuated the tiny kisses he laid against his lips as his hand rubbed Lighter’s palm into his own groin.

“I’ll hold you to that—” Lighter smiled. Things were looking brighter, uh, darker. He gave his crotch another rub, tingles of pleasure spreading out from his center.

Blurry sped off as the light died. He spied SuperPow’s smirk as the barrier stacked up around him and the robot. The robot stilled, lights blinking off as it started shutdown in the dark. Lighter ran his fingers down his hard cock and day dreamed about kissing Blurry again. He loved his job.



Copyright 2016, Aidee Ladnier. All rights reserved.

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