Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why Write F/F Romance?

So to date, I’ve written mostly Male/Male romance, but my first Female/Female science fiction romance, Elusive Radiance, is now on the shelves. And I’ve had a few people ask me why I’ve switched from same-sex men to same-sex women and why not just switch to Male/Female romance?

Well, that’s an interesting question…but to me it boils down to one major detail.

My characters.

My stories usually begin with a scene. I can see that scene so clearly it’s almost like a painting in my mind. I know where each character stands, what words come out of their mouth, their facial expressions, their backstory that makes them respond in a certain way, the clothes they wear, what job they're employed at, what their mother's first name is, what the weather is like…you get the idea.

But I also know if they’re male or female or trans or a robot or an alien.

So when I sat down to write this story, ELUSIVE RADIANCE, I knew both the bodyguard Sec Anais and her love interest, Delegate Savea Blackmun were both women. The first scene I saw them in was the elevator. I saw the sparkling Savea, looking elegant, beautiful, and leaning against the rail, a smile on her face. Beside her, ramrod straight spine, was Anais, drawing in a deep breath of Savea’s wonderful scent, tasting cinnamon and something hot on the back of her tongue.

I know there are authors that can simply switch a character’s gender and write what is popular and what is trendy, but I’ve never been able to do that. You see, men and women approach sex and romance differently. And my characters do, too. Savea might not have opened up to a man guarding her. Anais might not have offered her knowledge of galaxy trade to a male delegate. Their gender and their identity, basically who they are, is important to the story I’m telling and how it progresses.

So they both had to be women.

And I think their story as women is worth telling. I hope you’ll give ELUSIVE RADIANCE a look and meet my two strong, capable women who just happen to fall in love.

About the Book

Title: Elusive Radiance
Author: Aidee Ladnier
Price: $2.25
ISBN: 978-1-78651-423-3
Pages: 32
Editor: Shannon Combs
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Review: Goodreads


A young bodyguard finds her special abilities are no match for a flirtatious delegate willing to gamble everything on the galaxy trade talks.

Assigned to guard a diplomat at the galaxy trade talks, Security Officer Anais wants to shine during her first solo mission for the Chezeray Palace Conglomerate. An Elusive with the ability to make herself invisible, Anais knows her modified genes designate her servant class, but she yearns to be more than simply a protector to the beautiful delegate.

Savea Blackmun arrives alone to the trade talks with the weight of her planet’s future resting on her slim shoulders. Flirting with her pretty bodyguard reveals Anais’ knowledge of the colony markets and Savea realizes there’s much more to her protector than meets the eye.

As their attraction grows, will the diplomat and the bodyguard reject society’s rules to give in to desire instead?


“Are you supposed to be my bodyguard?”

Her overflowing breasts strained at the corseted front of her evening dress while her black hair cascaded from an intricate topknot. The sleeves of her burnished gold robe cupped her arms, half-revealing the tiny quatrefoil-shaped shoulder tattoos that signified her status and caste on her home planet.

“I am Sec Anais.” Feeling dowdy in my dun-colored jumpsuit, I offered a small bow. “Councilor Armen of the Chezeray Palace Conglomerate assigned me to you for the duration of your stay at the Levantar Los Ojos Spindle.”

She snorted. “I thought he’d send a male.”

My eye twitched. I’d been warned not to be offended by her ways and speech. Off-worlders from conservative planets like hers often had outmoded ideas. “I am female, but I assure you I am more than capable of protecting you while you conduct your business here.”

She raised an eyebrow but moved away from the doorway and spun into the room, her skirt billowing around her like a cloud. “Come in. I’m not quite ready.” Delegate Blackmun glided into the adjoining dressing room.

I hesitated but stepped over the threshold, the biometric scanner in the door confirming my identity even if the delegate had neglected to ask for it. I closed the suite door, my gaze sweeping the wide glass windows and ornately molded doors, checking entrances and weaknesses despite the fact that I knew this area well. This was my first solo assignment, but I’d been part of details around the hotel all my life.

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  1. Yes, thank you, it's about the characters. I do have few story ideas for M/F romance, but generally it's the guys who talk in my head. :)

    1. I know! You just have to be true to them. If it's a man write a man. If it's a woman, write a woman. Characters, just like people, love who they love.